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My name is Sherry Sufi. I am a West Australian columnist and writer. My work covers a range of social and political issues.

My educational background is history, politics, international relations, philosophy and information systems.

My PhD thesis looked at the relationship between language and nationalism.

I enjoy cricket, music, film, television and travelling.

I have an insatiable thirst for learning what I can about the world. Especially understanding people, seeing the world through their eyes, appreciating different languages, religions and cultures, learning the way people view their ancient or recent pasts and how they interpret present realities.

I am fascinated by logic, reason, science, computers and digital technology.

My professional background is information systems and technology. I have also worked as a political staffer. At present I serve as Chairman of the WA Liberal Party’s Policy Committee. The views expressed on this website and in my published articles are my own.

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